A Short history of the college

Since a long demand of higher education institute was realised in this area.The great educationist and brilliant primary school teacher "Shri Megh Singh (Babuji)" who had very ambitious for the development of education from his very young age. He provided his land and accommodations and started the college until some alternative arrangment is made and certified his activeness,awareness and dedication for the education. The long legal proceedings of affiliating the institute to Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra (formely Agra university , Agra )is result of untiring, unceasing and taking efforts of the secretary of the college managment Dr. Ramesh Chandra Jadaun.

As Money makes the mean go. It was impossible to built a huge building, well equipped modernized laboratories and library without the help of Kr. Jagvir Singh Tomar and Kr. Satyavir Singh Tomar who gave great financial help to the institution.
Now the institution is considered to be one of the best institute of the university for its reputation, huge and peaceful area, well furnished lecture theaters, class rooms, modernized labs, library and well qualified academic staff.

The institution has not only been proved very helpful in making research and academic environment for the physical and mental development of farmers and their children but also for the development of those qualities which will stand them in a good stead as able and responsible citizen of our great country.

Dr. B R Ambedkar University, Agra

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